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c/o 2927306 Canada Inc. as per our Franchising License granted to us by VIP CONNECTIONS Business Referral Club Corporation is not responsable for any listenership claim of any offence and/or damages sustained, if ever, from opinions and/or facts expressed online by our radio hosts who are simply purchasing studio broadcasting time from us; and therefore,
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does not share their expressed views.

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V.I.P. Internet Radio®, who shares the vision of V.I.P. CONNECTIONS® Business Ethics Rules is commited to a strong quality control and will not accept engaging hosts and/or sponsors directly linked to promoting subject concerns involved in pornography and/or distribution of illicit drugs and other forbidden substances and/or any law breaking subject matters. Proven Evidence is an order regarding this matter.

Other than the above statements, we sincerely thank you for tuning in and hope that you help us spread the words
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