VIP INTERNET RADIO is preparing to launch a groundbreaking podcast series on UFO Disclosure.

Your review of the pilot – Files of the Disclosure Agency will greatly assist us in creating and profiling future podcasts designed to enlighten the general public and politically energize the movement towards the disclosure of government involvement in the UFO/ET matter.

The Files of the Disclosure Agency is hosted by Victor Viggiani, UFO disclosure activist and News Director of the ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork.

Listening to the pilot will clearly demonstrate the value of our intention to discover and uncover the truth. It is important to note that there is no other radio or podcast element dedicated fully to UFO Disclosure.

First – please take some time to listen to the pilot. Then, send us your over-all impression. Please feel free to use the feedback guidelines below as they best represent how we strive to produce the highest quality listening experience possible for our audience.

Please visit – look for Radio Schedules to find and listen to our 51 minute pilot.
Suggested Guidelines for your Feedback.

1. What are your comments on or opinion of the quality of the reporting by the host and his guests?
2. What other information or approaches do you feel would be helpful in making this series more relevant and dramatic in order to gain high traffic listening for a weekly series?
3. In your response please rate the pilot in the following categories below on a scale of 1 to 5. Five being the highest rating – one the lowest.
a) The quality of sound and production value. (clarity – pace – music – sound beds – interludes)
b) The quality of the guests’ knowledge and over-all presentation.
c) The quality of the host’s professionalism, questioning and his capacity to connect with listeners.

As a thank you for sending us your feedback – we will enter your name as a contestant to win a spot as a listener-guest on the Files of the Disclosure Agency with Victor Viggiani.

Please Note: one entry per email.
Don Emilio Zinno, CEO

Thank you for your contribution to the future.