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Dear Friends;

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. You are indeed an inquisitive person knowing that reading is knowledge and that knowledge is power usually accompanied by success. Radio is also knowledge gained when listening to people wanting to express their business and/or personal views online reaching out to other good people like you. These being my thoughts, please help us spread the news that V.I.P. Internet Radio® has launched with a celestial mission of delivering a strong quality radio content schedule to help change the world; whereby one day, we the people shall not feel inferior nor superior if comparing ourselves to other humans. We shall finally embrace the fact that we need one another to survive.

Pursuant to our vision of catering to a whole new generation of how business consumers listen to radio which is via the Internet; we were encouraged to bring to life the V.I.P. Internet Radio® delivering quality content for all people listening to radio for business information and/or for pleasure.

V.I.P. Internet Radio® is confident that you will make us part of your daily lives when you get into the habit of tuning in; as we enlighten your everyday thought process.

Please; do invest the time to Listen Live and help us spread the news that we are now online via

Wishing you all the best in health and wealth.©
Don Emilio Zinno, CEO/Founder of V.I.P. Internet Radio®

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