Brad Sherwood

Brad Sherwood of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Known by TV audiences for their work on Whose Line is it Anyway? Colin & Brad improvise new material every night from audience suggestions and participation. “Interactive” in every sense of the word, Colin & Brad will take the audience on a comedic high-wire act…just like a live version of Whose Line!

12:00 am

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Barry Sanders

NFL Hall of Famer Barry Sanders, Jasmine Guy and Pat Williams

The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Jasmine Guy of a Different World. In addition, NBA executive and Author Pat Williams will discuss his career and book. Lastly, NFL Hall of Famer Barry Sanders will discuss his career and more.

1:00 am

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Mean Girls

Mean Girls, Chris Warren and Karen Strassman

The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Karen Strassman of Amazon Prime’s Bosch. In addition, Neil will talk to Daniel Franzese Mean Girls. Lastly, Neil Haley will interview Former NFL star Chris Warren.

2:00 am

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John Vespasian

Safety Talk Ep 8 – How highly-effective people deal with disruptions with John Vespasian

John has turned his international background and his personal interest in history into a breed of personal-development books that emphasize rationality, resilience, and learning from real-life examples.

3:00 am

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Terry Hanratty

Caregiver Dave interviews Terry Hanratty, of the Pittsburg Steelers and Notre Dame Football

Join Caregiver Dave as he co-hosts with Neil Haley as they interview legend, Terry Hanratty of the Pittsburg Steelers.

4:00 am

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Financial Expert Alex Cupi Will Discuss Crypto Currency


5:00 am

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Jordan Campbell

NFL Star Jordan Campbell of Winner Circle Athletics

The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Mark McKinney and Lauren Ash of NBC's Superstore. In addition, The Total Tutor Neil Haley and Caregiver Dave will interview NFL Star Jordan Campbell of Winner Circle Athletics. Lastly, Neil will interview ERIC C. CAREN about his COLLECTION .

6:00 am

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Stack Your Own deck

Stack Your Own Deck – Episode 3

Self-Management sequence and the brain and mind and how they work.

7:00 am

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Irene Gabelnick

Safety Talk Ep 5 – A victim’s perspective

Irene is the founder of the "Power of Writing" newsletter and she joins the show to discuss a wide range of safety topics including her own experience with a stalker and some other scary personal experiences.

8:00 am

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Cast of Hee Haw

50th Anniversary of Hee Haw Kornfield Friends

Hee Haw's 50th Anniversary With Kornfield Friends

9:00 am

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Kristin Chenoweth of NBC’s Trial & Error- Lady, Killer

10:00 am

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Dov Baron

Dov Baron, Author of Fiercely Loyal

Dov Baron: Twice cited as one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers to hire, also cited in the Meeting and Event Professionals Guide to The Top 100 Motivational Speakers and Named as one of the Top 30 Global Leadership Guru’s.

11:00 am

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Michele Greene

Michele Greene, of LA Law

Michele Greene – Emmy® nominated for her role of Abby Perkins, who morphed from a meek young lawyer to a self-confident legal dynamo over the first five seasons.

12:00 pm

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Winn Henderson

Rev. Winn tells about Mr. Hanover and Roger Sims

In this short podcast, Rev. Winn tells a story about Mr. Hanover and Roger Sims and their trip from Nashville to Chicago in the big black Cadillac. It will illustrate the value of telling your story.

1:00 pm

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Elise Testone

Former Amercian Idol Finalist ELISE TESTONE

Soulful singer/songwriter ELISE TESTONE, a former American Idol finalist and powerhouse vocalist whose incredible stage presence and bluesy maturity rank with the best, is releasing her long-awaited sophomore album, This Is Love, on April 17 and immediately mounting an East Coast Tour that includes special performances during the world-renowned New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

2:00 pm

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Terry Virts

The Neil Haley Show WDOC 04-19-19

I will interview former Steeler Chad Brown. In addition, Dave Nassaney and I will interview Astronaut Terry Virts. Listen also at www.1310wdoc.com/

3:00 pm

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William J Federer

Nationally Known Speaker William J. Federer

The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Historian, Best Selling Author and Nationally Known Speaker William J. Federer.  TCT Faith in History podcast

4:00 pm

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Marc Macialek

Marc Macialek traumatic brain injury survivor and recovery coach

Marc Macialek works as a recovery coach to help survivors and caregivers find the resources to survive and thrive through the recovery journey. He works with caregivers to help them gain clarity, overcome guilt, take care

5:00 pm

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Carla Feagan on The Caregiver Dave Show


6:00 pm

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Bob Harrison

Author Bob Harrison discusses his book “Because of Annie”

Bob Harrison was an ordinary guy who served twenty-four years in the US Air Force with his wife, Annie, by his side.  Then, on a warm summer day a stranger came out of nowhere, knocked on their door, and immediately transformed their lives into a clash of two worlds. The stranger’s name was blood cancer, full of chaos, evil, and the inhumane—versus love, compassion, hope, and faith.

7:00 pm

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Kate Navarro Fessler

Kate Navarro Fessler on being resilient during transition

Join Dave Nassaney, The Caregiver's Caregiver, and his lovely co-host, Adrienne Gruberg, founder of The Caregiver Space, as they interview Kate Navarro Fessler, talking on being resilient during transition.

8:00 pm

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Kristine Family Fun Pack

Safety Talk Ep 6 – “Family Fun Pack” founder outlines kids online safety & privacy

Kristine offers solid advice based on her own experiences with having to keep the private lives of her 6 children safe in school, sports, and in other public settings.

9:00 pm

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Stack Your Own deck

Stack Your Own Deck – Episode 3

Self-Management sequence and the brain and mind and how they work.

10:00 pm

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Rob Roselli

Rob Roselli Show

Rob Roselli Show

11:00 pm

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