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Akasha Talks EP 4 – Bob Burns

Akasha Talks EP 4 - Bob Burns

Akasha Talks EP 4 - Bob Burns

Akasha Talks EP 4 – Bob Burns

Akasha Talks EP 4 - Bob Burns

Bob Burns talks with Lance about the swan and its voice, They also chat about spiritual healing, mediums, and all the other interesting stuff in the spiritual movement of 1970s UK. Bob talks about pain work and ‘The Gathering’ event in Newcastle (UK) on Saturday 28th September 2019.
He then gives away his battleship protocol, which is also a chapter in his new upcoming book. Sharing a story about the first time he ever did hypnosis or did he?

We finish the talk up with lucid dreaming and the self swan. check out this video after to see how to try yourself. www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4gkccRvKS4

The swan is somewhere between a hypnotic process, a suggestibility test, hypnotic phenomenon, ideomotor response and just something else. It is a truly unique way to speak to the parts within the subconscious!

Buy the DVD: www.lifelinehypnotherapy.com/The-Swan(2875521).htm

Or the downloadable sequel, The Swan speaks: vimeo.com/ondemand/theswanspeaks

If you really like the swan I also have a book on amazon to aid in engaging with your swan: branchesofhealing.com.au/swan

Find more about Bob at: www.lifelinehypnotherapy.com

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Akasha Talks EP 4 - Bob Burns


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