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Pete Canavan

Pete Canavan – Web Developer & Radio Host

Author, host of “Safety Talk” and personal safety expert Pete Canavan has made it his mission to improve personal safety.

His extensive experience as an IT security consultant and web developer enable him to keep VIP Internet Radio up-to-date, search engine friendly, optimized and high-ranking.  Their traffic is your traffic!  Leverage his expertise to gain additional exposure for your brand, company, product, service or opportunity.

Pete is also a 5th Degree Master Instructor in the Korean martial arts of TaeKwonDo and Hapkido.  His expertise as a self-defense instructor, coupled with his experience as a former university public safety officer and event security professional has endowed him with a wide range of personal and professional safety knowledge.

Through his websites, books, interviews, articles and videos, he provides practical, actionable solutions to threats that exist in both the digital and physical worlds. He has been helping clients and students learn how to protect themselves for over 20 years from all types of online and offline threats to their personal safety and security.

Pete is available for speaking, workshops, retreats and seminars and can educate your school or organization and enhance the safety and security of students, employees, and others. He is an Act 235 Lethal Weapons Certified Agent in Pennsylvania, and is also certified in First Aid, CPR, AED and naloxone use.