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Jessica Shopoff Sets The Record Straight About Charter Schools

It is Jessica Shopoff's position that students need to be prepared to successfully contribute to society by urging policymakers to build personalized learning models. Jessica uses her expertise to mine through the smoke screens and misleading talking points.


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Steven Tobolowsky

Stephen Tobolowsky of Groundhog Day

Stephen Tobolowsky is an American actor, author, and musician. He is known for film roles such as annoying insurance agent Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day[1] and amnesiac Sammy Jankis in Memento, as well as such television characters as Commissioner Hugo Jarry (Deadwood), Bob Bishop (Heroes), Sandy Ryerson (Glee), Stu Beggs (Californication and White Famous), and Action Jack Barker (Silicon Valley).


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Anthony Griggs

Former NFL Player And Pittsburgh Steeler Executive Anthony Griggs

Anthony G. Griggs is a former American football linebacker in the National Football League. He was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the fourth round of the 1982 NFL Draft. Griggs was born in Lawton, Oklahoma


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Michele Lowry, Creator And Owner Of Nikoe Natural Therapies

Michele strongly believes healing begins with identifying the root cause, which may or may not have manifested into current physical symptoms. She encompasses all aspects of life into improved health and welling, including nutrition, rest and relaxation, joy and happiness and the empowerment to become aware of your true potential. Her continued vision and passion is to provide Reiki and Shamanic healing to those who are seeking their path, reconnecting to their ambitions or allowing for time to rejuvenate. All private sessions and classes with Michele encompass self-empowerment and self-awareness techniques. She has found that more people are seeking an understanding of universal energy and its remarkable properties Michele offers individual Reiki healing sessions, as well as teaches Reiki Levels I & II, and Master/Teacher classes, and Meditation in NH, ME and MA . Canine and Equine Seminars are scheduled on request and private sessions for animals are offered throughout Southern NH. Michele has lectured at UNH Equine Facility and UNH Animal Science Centre in Durham, NH and teaches Reiki to the faculty staff at St. Johnsbury Academy in VT. Michele’s articles have been published in The Reiki Times, Massachusetts Horse, NickerNews and New England Seacoast Holistic Health Association website and journal. www.nikoenaturaltherapies.com/about/about-me/


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The Tobacco Wars Radio Show Interview With Gary Jeff Walker March 2019

Thanks for listening to The Tobacco Wars Radio. Please visit Jim’s website www.thetobaccowarsradio.com


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Mark L Walberg of USA Network’s Temptation Island

Today on The Neil Haley Show, The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Mark L Walberg of USA Network's Temptation Island. USA’s series “TEMPTATION ISLAND” is a massive hit and is being talked about all over the country, reaching an average of 2.4 million people each week. Even celebs like Snookie, Wendy Williams and KeKe Palmer are on the “Tempty” bandwagon! The show focuses on four couples at a crossroads in their relationship who travel together to Maui, HI to live with 24 singles and determine if they are truly with the right person. Mark, the OG of reality dating show hosts, could divulge all of the “behind the scenes” of a reality TV dating show and also what he has learned hosting the show for two seasons, along with the original version. Mark has a successful 31 year marriage, so he offers his unique insight to the couples and singles on the show and could talk to viewers about very HUMAN and RELATABLE relationship issues.


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Essi Bagheri, Author of From A Suicide Mission To Human Connection.



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Safety Talk #17 - Security screening technologies with Jim Viscardi of Metrasens

Safety Talk #17 – Security screening technologies with Jim Viscardi of Metrasens

[embed]https://soundcloud.com/user-771560743/safety-talk-episode-017-jim-viscardi?in=user-771560743/sets/safety-talk-with-master-pete[/embed] Global [...]


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“Top Teacher Speaks Out Against Darwin”

"Top Teacher Speaks Out Against Darwin" Today on The School Choice Show with Host ed Temple, Experienced Public School Teacher exposes the fallacy being propagated in most science classrooms. You can purchase Ed's Book on School Choice now by going to www.amazon.com/Escape-Uncle-Sams…ook/dp/B07QGL27W6.


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The Twilight Saga Film Series Star Gil Birmingham of Yellowstone



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Changes in THE ACT Will Be Discussed On The Total Education Hour

Today on The Total Education Hour, The Total Tutor Neil Haley, School Choice Advocate Ed Temple, and Author Lee McNulty will discuss the latest education news. We will discuss the changes in the ACT.


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Guy Grace of The PASS Will Discuss Developing Your Security Operations Center

Today on The Neil Haley Show, The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Guy Grace of The PASS Will Discuss Developing Your Security Operations Center. First established in 2014, the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) brings together expertise from the education, public safety and industry communities to develop and support a coordinated approach to making effective use of proven security practices specific to K-12 environments, and informed decisions on security investments.


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Kristina Buckley Kayel of Diamond Producer’s Association

Today on The Neil Haley Show, The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Kristina Buckley Kayel of Diamond Producer's Association. Kristina Buckley Kayel is the Managing Director of the Diamond Producers Association’s North America. She is responsible for steering and implementing DPA’s marketing, communications and digital strategy, its research and insights activity, as well as supporting and partnering with retailers and trade organizations. Prior to DPA, Buckley Kayel led marketing and communications and, as a member of the Executive Committee, drove the corporate and brand strategy for the French high jewelry Maison, Van Cleef & Arpels (owned by Compagnie Financière Richemont SA). diamondproducers.com


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PASS Safety and Security

Total Education Hour – Assembling Your Security Team

Assembling Your Security Team with Guy Grace, PASS Chairman


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Antitrust Regulations – How Big Tech Companies Avoided Antitrust Regulation – Jim Rumford

Antitrust Regulations - How Big Tech Companies Avoided Antitrust Regulation - Jim Rumford (Interview) Jim Rumford, author of Tobacco, Trusts, and Trump - How America's Forgotten War Created Big Government thetobaccowars.com/ www.intrinsicmotivation.life Jim Rumford is an entrepreneur, amateur historian, and CEO of Rumford Industrial Group. During the Tobacco Wars, Rumford’s own Great-Grandfather, George Washington Kinney, was attacked by “Night Riders,” who also destroyed the family barns and tobacco crop. Rumford’s other Great-Grandfather, George Washington Jett, was a “Night Rider” which brings a family dynamic into this story. To help prevent history from ever repeating itself, Kinney compiled one of the largest private collections of Tobacco Wars primary documents in the United States. At six years old, Rumford discovered these documents and has been telling his Great-Grandfather’s story ever since.


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Celebrity Jasson Finney

Today on The Neil Haley Network's Dr. Christopher Hall, Dr. Christopher Hall and The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Celebrity Jasson Finney. Jasson is the son of a bull rider and cancan girl who were married on an ice castle in the Yukon territories. Growing up Jasson excelled as a hockey player and drummer, playing in multiple touring bands. After graduating from the school of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa, Jasson started a personal training business where, soon after, he fell into film and TV through one of his clients, who was an agent.


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Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson, Author of The Case For Trump

The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Victor Davis Hanson, Author of The Case For Trump. In addition, Peyton Leonard and Neil Haley will interview Christina Proenza-Coles, author of AMERICAN FOUNDERS.


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Chris Moschovitis Cybersecurity

Safety Talk Ep 7 – Cybersecurity program development with expert Chris Moschovitis

Chris is the author of the best selling "Cybersecurity Program Development for Business," which is an excellent non-technical resource for any business person that wants to learn more about cybersecurity.


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Derek Hough

Derek Hough of World of Dance

[embed]https://soundcloud.com/user-771560743/the-neil-haley-show-02-27-19[/embed] The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Derek Hough of World of [...]


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New York Times Best Selling Author Jonathan Bailor, Author of The Setpoint Diet

Today on The Neil Haley Show's Caregiver Dave Celebrity Segment, Caregiver Dave Celebrity Segment and The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview New York Times Best Selling Author Jonathan Bailor, Author of The Setpoint Diet. Join the 27,000 people who have achieved dramatic and long-term weight loss with The Setpoint Diet, from the New York Times bestselling author of The Calorie Myth. Your body fights to keep you within a range of about 15 pounds--also known as your "setpoint weight." New research reveals that you can lower your setpoint and end that battle for good by focusing on the quality of calories you eat, not the quantity. With The Setpoint Diet, you will reprogram your body with a 21-day plan to rev up your metabolism, eliminate inflammation, heal your hormones, repair your gut, and get your body working like that of a naturally thin person--permanently. The Setpoint Diet is a lower-carb menu that focuses on specific anti-inflammatory whole foods, including tons of produce, nutritious proteins, and therapeutic fats. Its creator, Jonathan Bailor, founded SANESolution, a weight loss company that has reached millions of people. Proven to help you lose weight naturally and maintain it, The Setpoint Diet is your new blueprint for healthy living.


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“How do you spell retirement? On You Be The Judge

“How do you spell retirement? On You Be The Judge.


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Pittsburgh Steeler Arthur Moats

Today on The Neil Haley Network's Dr. Christopher Hall's Show, Dr. Christopher Hall and The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Pittsburgh Steeler Arthur Moats.


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Anthony Caruso of Emerald Run

Today on The Neil Haley Network's Thinking Through The Trees Show, The Total Tutor Neil Haley and Michael Chappie will interview Anthony Caruso of Emerald Run. Anthony Caruso was born in San Jose, California. His family bought a Ranch in Riverdale, Ca. when he was 11 years old. Anthony attended Riverdale High, then West Hills College in Coalinga, Ca. Then moved with his family to Trabia, Sicily for 12 years, where he worked and studied. While in Italy Anthony was casted as the Hitman in Cento Giorni a Palermo. Upon his return to the States, Anthony started a successful Real Estate Development Company building High end Custom Homes, which led back to Show Biz, when ABC featured Anthony In Estate Homebuilders Showcase, that led to the shooting of Upgrade on NBC.


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Brandon Novak

MTV & Jackass Movie Star Brandon Novak

The Banyan Treatment Center family is proud to have Film & Television Star, former Professional Skateboarder, and New York Times bestselling author Brandon Novak as part of our Community Outreach team. Brandon’s story is truly inspirational, having recovered from more than 20 years of drug and alcohol addiction. Now with more than three years sober, Brandon works with us here at Banyan helping others who are struggling with addiction to find the help they so desperately need.


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