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Claudio Reilsono Show with Sid Bream

Claudio Reilsono Show with Sid Bream

 The “ Claudio Reilsono Sports Show” will have current and former athletes/coaches from a variety of sports. You will be getting answers from questions you have always wanted to ask. From people in the sports world that you have enjoyed or currently enjoy over the years  Of course you know why these people are famous, but what got them there? What obstacles did they have to overcome? Who helped them? Who made it tougher? What are they doing now? We will talk sports, business and LIFE. We will also have some laughs, be inspired  and maybe even shed a few tears. We will also talk to some people that you may not have heard of that will be a great listen as well. Or Sometimes I just might talk to you about happenings in the Sports world!
   I want this show to be a staple for your listening interest. This show is important to me..these guests are important to me..and most of all, YOU, the listener are important to me.

Claudio Reilsono is the General Manager/Professional Baseball Scout for the Global Scouting Bureau as well as the Head Baseball Coach at Carnegie Mellon University. Along with his scouting and coaching work, Claudio has written for publications in Pittsburgh, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and had his own MLB post season Radio show. Reilsono is currently the TV Co Host of “ Steel City Sports World” and the Host of “ Pittsburgh’s Ring talk” Pittsburgh’s only TV boxing show. Claudio has been coaching baseball for 35 Years and scouting professionally for 17. 

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